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Auto Powder Spray Equipment

Whether using Standard or Metallic powders, the 100 kV high performance cascade ensures the optimum results at all times.The OptiGun automatic powder gun is compact and easy to maintain. With color changes, the gun is quickly cleaned and ready to be used again. The nozzles are removed in a flash, they are cleaning-friendly and contain a minimum of parts that are subject to wear.Read More

Manual Powder Spray Equipment

The integrated remote control on Powder Gun

Ergonomic Spray Gun design, comfortable in-hand balance and optimized weight (520 g) Ideal for metallic powders

The retrofittable SuperCorona® headpiece is used in all cases, where thicker coatings and a high optical coating quality is required. A further area of use is the coating with textural powder, where the SuperCorona® leads to substantially balanced patternRead More

Powder Coating Booths Complete

Powder Coating Booths in Stainless Steel and in Plastics

Mono-Cyclone,  Multi-Cyclone and Cartridge Recovery Systems

After Filter Systems

Powder Recycling SystemsRead More

Powder Management Sysems

Gema presents a new generation of powder management systems: the new OptiCenterO1/O2. It is clean, it is quick, it produces outstanding coating results, and it is a new modular concept for integrated powder management.

First of all, OptiCenter is convincing in terms of its functional properties.Read More


Quiet running, individual programming options and stability, together with heavy loading capabilities. The ZA reciprocators perfectly meet these requirements and feature a solid and maintenance-friendly design. These reciprocators are extremely smooth running through toothed belt transmission.

A broad array of translating and rotating axes complete the range.Read More

Liquid Painting Equipments

Paint Spray Guns Complete Range of Air Spray Guns, Electrostatic Paint Spray Guns, Auto Paint Spray Guns
Paint Pumps Complete Range of Diaphragm Pumps, Piston Pumps
Accessories Paint Regulators, Paint Tanks, Agitators Read More

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